Carpet Cleaning East Hampton CT

Carpet Cleaning East Hampton CT

Are you looking for some tips and tricks on carpet cleaning in East Hampton, CT? Al’s Absolute Best Carpet Restoration & Cleaning Services, LLC has you covered!  Maintaining freshly cleaned carpets is no easy task. However, if you have access to a great team of professionals, then you can save both your time and energy. Almost 22% of East Hamptons population is children under 18, so chances are you could benefit from a helping hand to keep your house clean. Our team at Al’s Absolute Best will leave your home sparkling clean every time. Our services include carpet cleaning, water clean-up, pressure washing, vehicle cleaning, and more!  Whatever the project is, our team will nail it every time. In between our professional carpet cleans, try these 3 tips to keep your carpet looking fresh!

1. Vacuum Daily

A quick daily cleaning of the floor is crucial if you have carpet in your home. The dust and dander that make your home filthy congregates in the carpets. When this dirt has the chance to settle and build up, it becomes even more difficult to remove it all from your carpets. The best and easiest way to stay on top of a clean home is to give your carpets a quick vacuum every day.

2. Ice Removes Gum and Wax

A quick trick if the unthinkable happens! If somehow wax or gum sticks to your carpet then some ice cubes will do the trick! The ice will make it cold until it becomes hard enough to remove. When the gum becomes hard, it will contract and easily leave the surface where it was stuck. Wax can also be warmed for easy removal. Place a dry cloth over the stain, and place a warm iron on top. As the wax reheats, it will soak into the cloth!

3. A Thorough Cleaning Every Six Months

Lastly, it is strongly recommended to thoroughly clean your carpets every six months. Seasonal weather changes bring pollutants inside your home and they get deep into your carpet fiber. To prolong the life of your carpet, and keep it extra clean, give it a good wash every six months and dry it in the sunlight. In the event your carpet cannot be washed or dried in direct sunlight, give our team a call and they can professionally clean them for you! At Al’s Absolute Best Carpet Restoration and Cleaning Services, LLC we offer a wide range of services to keep your home looking fresh and clean.

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Carpet Cleaning East Hampton CT



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