If you have snow or ice that needs to be removed from your roof, call Al’s Absolute Best Restoration. No one is better at ice dam removal or snow removal. Our ice dam removal service safely and effectively removes the ice dam from the roof of your Colchester CT area home or business.

If you aren’t familiar with an ice dam, they are a significant cause of icemelt leakage. Ice dams occur when snow lower down on a roof — typically over the eaves — melts and refreezes, causing the water from melting snow higher up on the roof to back up under the roof shingles.

The result can be leaking and roof damage, and the ice dam should be removed as soon as possible.

If you are in an emergency and need someone for expert advice call us! (860) 537-1594.
If you have intrusive water in your home due to an ice dam, it will keep coming in until the ice dam is removed. With all the snow CT has been getting, chances of roof collapses are higher than ever. Its easy to say that Colchester CT Residents have taken a “crash course” on ice dams, roof rakes and flood insurance this winter.

Ice Dam Removal Colchester CT | Al’s Absolute Best Restoration


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