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Keeping Carpet Clean in Colchester CT – New London County – Hartford County

How does it work?

With the “Always Clean Program” we come to your home at least every six months. On the first cleaning we provide the level of service you choose. YOU MUST HAVE SCOTCHGARD APPLIED! This is the service you will receive each year for as long as you remain in the program. We will also do a light cleaning every six months. The Six Month cleaning service will include all the open areas in the parts of the house the program covers. At the Six Month cleaning, we don’t move any of the furniture, except to clean under the dining room chairs and table. Here’s the good part, once you have set up your “Always Clean Program” and have paid for your initial cleaning all future Six Month and Annual cleaning’s will be done at no “out of pocket” expense to you as long as you keep up with the program.

Here’s how we charge:

You pay for the initial cleaning including an application of Protectant. Then you invest 10% per month of the initial cleaning price. We give you coupons with pre-addressed labels and you just send us a check monthly. Or use your credit card to set up a payment plan. But, you never have to pay a big chunk at one time again. This pays for your Annual and Six Month cleanings. So for about the same amount of money as one yearly cleaning, you’re getting two cleanings. That’s value.


You also receive one free emergency cleanup of a spot you could not get on your own! If a spill happens, simply call our office, we will talk you through stain removal techniques and if you are not able to remove it we will come out and take care of that stain removal for you. In addition, the other areas and furnishings not on the program can be cleaned for you at a discounted price. Call us at (860) 537-1594.


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