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Rely on Al’s Absolute Best Restoration & Cleaning Service for water clean up Stonington CT. Water leakage can be a costly problem for any homeowner. Therefore, it is essential to understand the different sources of water damage and how you should deal with them. Standing water and leakages can damage your furniture and carpet, and replacement might seem to be the only option. Though, sometimes it is possible to save your furniture and carpet by seeking out water clean up and water remediation services.


If you have water leaking from your plumbing, be sure to shut off the main valve and call a plumber immediately. Suppose it’s not an emergency and you’re just looking for some preventative maintenance. In that case, you can take steps to reduce the risk of damage water accumulation can cause to your home, like seeking services of AI’s Carpet if you are worried about your furniture or carpet being soaked in water.
A water leak inspection is a good idea for any homeowner specially when your home is carpeted. It can help you find leaks before they become too large or costly to repair. The inspection will include:

1. Checking the roof, basement and crawl space
2. Turning off all outdoor hose bibs and faucets that may be dripping
3. Inspecting the exterior of your home for signs of moisture intrusion. Discovering even one leak can save thousands in repairs by catching it early on.

The small investment in hiring a professional inspector is worth every penny.


The final step towards restoration depends on the damage. The process of restoration can be as simple as replacing carpet in a room or could be as exhaustive as replacing the entire flooring. It is advised to seek advice from professionals as soon as possible to keep the restoration costs low.
The water clean up and remediation services in Stonington can be expensive. When you hire AI’s Absolute Best, we will first remove all standing water to prevent any further damage to your home or office space. Next, our licensed professionals start by assessing the scope of the loss so that they know how much time it will take them to complete their work. Finally our experts will dry out everything from carpets to furniture with fans and dehumidifiers until every dry spot is found, while replacing any flooring or carpeting. Call (860) 537-1594 anytime, any day for expert service. Our experts are ready and waiting for your call.

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