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Although most people have a very busy summer schedule here in Connecticut, if you can find the time to have your carpets and  upholstery cleaned during the summer months there are a few benefits. The time it takes for fabrics to dry in the summer is decreased dramatically. The faster carpets and upholstery dry the better they look in the end, sometimes when carpets take too long to dry they don’t look very good because stains may wick back up to the surface. Another thing to consider is that the cleaning process goes a lot smoother in general as opposed to colder months when hoses and equipment can easily freeze and break. When you choose a cleaning company like ours at Al’s Absolute Best Cleaning and Restoration, you get a company that cleans for health as well as appearance. We have a cleaning process that totally separates us from the competition because it’s quick, efficient and dries fast and we back up our services up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Summertime can really bring out those pet odors! We are pet stain and odor specialists, 90% of the time those regular household cleaners just don’t do the trick on stubborn pet stains and odors. In the hot summer months bacteria thrives, emitting even stronger odors! This can be reversed with odor neutralizers and the correct thorough cleaning process.



If a pet stain sits for a while even just a few hours, the urine can actually penetrate the carpet, seeping into the padding and sub flooring. This presents a larger issue that regular carpet cleaning probably won’t solve. In this case, we would lift the carpet and pad and clean all sides, we would clean the sub floor and then seal it and re-install the carpet and padding. This is a great way to fix a pretty serious problem and save a few bucks!

Take advantage of the warm summer weather and get your carpets cleaned this year! It’s healthy for the kids, pets and family and you’ll be able to relax this summer knowing you have nice clean carpets and upholstery. If pet odors are an issue in your home, no worries, we are here to help! Calls Al’s anytime, mention this blog and save $25.00 on your summer cleaning!


What does it take to be the best carpet cleaner in CT?

To start with, how about 20 years of experience in the cleaning and restoration industry and Hundreds of classes, courses, seminars and training from the best carpet cleaners in the industry. Alan Sims president of Al’s Absolute Best is actually a master textile cleaner, this is the highest rank achievable in the cleaning industry and not many people make it through all the courses because it takes years of traveling around the country to each class! Back in the early 90’s Al started his carpet cleaning business under the name “Al’s Carpet Cleaning” He began with an old Subaru station wagon and very small carpet shampooer, working out of the house! He went into the field because he was always an entrepreneur and always had an interest in cleaning because of the instant gratification attained afterwards.

Today we have 5 trucks, an office front in Colchester, CT and a bunch of full time employees! If you think about it they always say “you learn from your mistakes” Imagine all the things my father Al, had to go through to make it where we are today. All of the on-job experience is what really adds up and helps to create CT’s best carpet cleaner.At first we didn’t stay in business because of all the big bucks spent on advertising or the fancy trucks and equipment. We grew because my father is such a personable and hardworking guy who pays attention to every detail and always taught me to go the extra mile. This is a quality that is very hard to find these days but it’s also a quality that every employee here at Al’s Absolute Best possess! Before the internet got so big we were booking most of our carpet cleaning jobs just from word of mouth, we would clean a house and the customer would love us and refer us to their friends and family. Many of the same people that stayed loyal to our company back in the early 90’s are still some of our best clients today, this really says a lot it shows that we do our absolute best all the time to satisfy our customers.




Why are other carpet cleaners so different from Al’s Absolute Best carpet cleaners?

Many of the cleaning and restoration companies today are franchises. When someone decides to open a new location it’s usually because they have some cash to start a business and are in it just to see profits. Many of these people have little or no experience in the field, but they have funding to put an ad on television and funding to start with 10 trucks and hire 15 guys they don’t know to send out to their customers. They may not even care too much about how happy their customers are with their work! It’s just like anything else, there are companies that are in business just to make money and then you have local companies that offer a more quality service and really take pride in being the best and providing the absolute best service possible. When you choose a local, family owned company the company reflects the family name. We wouldn’t want even one person to be upset with our services because it’s a direct reflection of us and our family. We only hire people that we know and trust and everyone here is as good as family to us. When you call Al’s Absolute Best Cleaning and Restoration, you will get friendly, knowledgeable advice and we will happily help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

One thing you must really be wary of is cleaning companies that offer very low prices for carpet and upholstery cleaning. If the price seems too low it normally is for a good reason, this carpet cleaner isn’t the best carpet cleaner. This carpet cleaning company will probably have hidden costs and the low price agreed upon over the phone probably won’t stand unless you don’t mind skipping 2 or 3 of the important steps for a proper carpet cleaning!




We offer all methods of carpet cleaning from dry foam cleaning to truck –mounted steam cleaning. We prefer to use our 5-step steam cleaning process; it’s fast, efficient and delivers the best carpet cleaning results in the industry! We charge by the square foot, in our eyes it’s the only fair way to quote a carpet cleaning job. It doesn’t seem fair to say “carpet cleaning $19.99 per room” Homes very in size so much that one room could be 100sq.ft. in one home and a room in another home could be 500 sq.ft.  At Al’s Absolute Best Cleaning and Restoration our costs include everything even deodorizer if requested or if required for the job. Our price for carpet cleaning includes vacuuming, pre-spray, rotary scrubbing, steam cleaning and speed drying! There are never any hidden costs; we will give you a ball park estimate over the phone, when we arrive to clean your carpets we measure all the areas to be cleaned. We subtract any areas that are not going to be cleaned for instance under large furniture that can’t be moved and multiply the total square footage by the price per sq.ft (usually .42 cents). Our technicians pay attention to detail, when we enter your home we lay down drop clothes to protect any flooring that we will not be cleaning, we use corner guards to protect the walls from our hoses, we also wipe down your baseboards and vacuum dust and dirt we see in corners and on radiators! We enter your home with the intention to overly satisfy your expectations; we want to be your #1 choice when it comes to choosing the best carpet cleaner!


(Before)                                                                              (After)












Al’s Absolute Best Cleaning and Restoration is CT’s Best Cleaning and Restoration Company. We have developed a great standing in the community from hard work and excellent service with a good reputation. We offer the best value when it comes to carpet cleaning and many other cleaning and restoration services. We also have an area rug cleaning salon at our new location in Colchester, CT. You can now arrange for pick-up or drop-off and your area rugs will come out better than ever! Make sure to read our other blog posts and browse our website for helpful pointers and sales!

“Green Cleaning” is the newest and hottest craze in the cleaning and restoration industry. Now that we are beginning to see the results of over 100 years’ worth of chemicals, industrial wastes and pollutants humans put into the environment, many people are beginning to worry about the final outcome of our mistakes. “Green Cleaning” means cleaning without any harmful chemicals, most chemicals pose a danger to children, pets, persons with weakened immune systems and the environment! Although Al’s Absolute Best Cleaning and Restoration offers many different types of cleaning methods, we do have a high demand for our “green”, environmentally friendly cleaning systems. Most companies that produce cleaning agents are now also trying to produce “Eco-Friendly” versions and new solutions that are less harmful to the environment.


It is actually very hard to clean carpets or upholstery without putting some sort of pollutants into the air. Any company that uses a truck mounted cleaning system couldn’t possibly be a completely green company because they are using gasoline or diesel and oil to power  and lubricate their engines and truck mounts.


Here at Al’s Absolute Best, green cleaning refers to what is used in your home, the actual cleaning solutions used and the cleaning process and even the fabric protector we apply is safe for the environment, children, pets and even people with weakened immune systems.  At this point our truck mounts still run on gas and kerosene and we use gas driving to each job so it isn’t politically correct to say we are entirely environmentally friendly, although we would love to be.  This is true with any cleaning and restoration company I know of, we just haven’t found an efficient way to power vehicles without harming the environment in some way, shape or form.  There are electric cleaning machines, which we use upon request or in situations where the job cannot be done by truck mount. When it comes down to it manufacturing electricity pollutes the environment because most methods of production produce harmful vapors and pollutants. Also electric powered machines are not as efficient or as powerful as gas powered, truck-mounted machines.

If your looking for a top-notch cleaning service in Connecticut, that uses all environmentally friendly “Green Cleaners” then we are the company for you!

Call Al’s Absolute Best Cleaning and Restoration today to schedule your carpet, tile, or upholstery cleaning appointment today!

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