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When your home experiences flooding damage East Haddam CT, turn to Al’s Absolute Best Restoration & Cleaning Services LLC. Al’s Best provides 24 / 7 emergency water damage remediation in Middlesex County. Flooding can affect all areas of your home. From floors to walls, from furniture to appliances, everything gets damaged in a flood. If you do not address the damage right away, you are in for widespread permanent damage and repairs. When you need the best qualified flood damage specialists, be sure to call Al’s as soon as possible.

We are IICRC Certified and have earned an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating. Water damage can spread contamination, ruin your paint and damage your wood. Flooding can happen slowly, as a consequence of slow water seepage. Water damage from a flood requires special equipment and a team who will come out at any hour to help you. Al’s Absolute Best Restoration & Cleaning Services¬†offers 24/7 emergency service calls, because flooding damage can occur at the worst time!¬†

Living in a flood plain can put your home at risk of water damage. Poorly graded landscaping around your foundation can force water to flow into your basement. Heavy rains, quick snowmelts, and clogged gutters can contribute to water damage in the home as well. We will be here for you in an emergency. As a proactive measure, you may want to consult with a drainage specialist to prevent flooding damage from occurring again. Just call (860) 537-1594.

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