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Simple steps to prevent Water Damage, Mold and Smoke Damage in your Home!  It’s Winter already! Time flies by so fast and there is always so much to do, each season transition brings on different chores for the homeowner, Winter being the craziest transition of them all, we have to get our cars ready our homes ready and it’s just so easy to forget or neglect some simple things that could save us thousands of dollars in property damage to our homes.

Did you clean or have your gutters cleaned and expected before winter? A small clog in your gutter can result in a huge water damage problem, clogged gutters cause water to find another route to go, unfortunately this could be into your home. The clog in your gutter can freeze and create an Ice dam forcing water into your home thus resulting in water damage. Some times water damage can go unnoticed to the homeowner because it lies hidden walls of your home, your attic and crawl spaces. Hidden water damage can cause secondary issues like mold that could be an even bigger and more costly issues. We have seen ice dams force water into kitchen walls causing terrible water damage but It all remains hidden behind kitchen cabinets, counters, back splashes and fixtures sometimes noticeable by a tiny drip under the kitchen window sill or not even noticeable at all. Water damage hidden in wall cavities causing soggy insulation and wood does not always show itself, look for drips under window sills, small stains on ceiling that you never noticed before, bubbles behind paint or wall paper and even nail pops are signs of possible hidden water damage.

We also have water damage from pipe bursts each winter a few dollars and 20 minutes of precaution can help keep you from a water damage emergency. First of all always keep your home heated to at least 55*, Insulate outer pipes near cold spots in your home and garage, this is easily done with pipe insulation sold at any hardware store. In bitter cold or if your leaving your home for a few days, it is a good idea to leave a sink or bathtub slightly dripping to keep the water flowing and stop it from freezing and causing a pipe burst and possible water damage.

Another thing to check or have checked is your homes furnace and chimney! This is very important because you may experience a puff back in your home. Many times puff backs go unnoticed to the home owner if they are mild happen happen when no one is present in the home. Look around where ever ceilings meet the wall and look for a darker line around the room, if you don’t smoke at home or burn candles chances are you have experienced a puff back. More severe puff backs cause thousands of dollars in damages to your home, soot is acetic and simple puff back can ruin your homes electronics like big screen TV’s , video games and computer systems all the cloths in your closets and drawers need special laundering, you wake you coughing up soot and every single item in the home and the structure itself needs special cleaning to neutralize the acid from the smoke. If you suspect any of these issues are present in your home call Al’s Absolute Best LLC for a free inspection. We have been doing Water damage, Fire /Smoke Damage and Mold Damage Clean up for 25 years.

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Carpet Cleaning Colchester, CT

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Thank you for viewing our site, if you are here you are most likely considering having carpet, upholstery or tile and grout cleaned. We can help with that! We actually come very highly recommended, we’ve been in the industry for almost 25 years! As a family owned business we offer a more personal experience, satisfying each and every customer. Everyone has different needs, and budgets you should know now that if you are simply looking for the cheapest service, you wont find that here. That’s not who we want to be, its not that we cant compete with these extremely low 99.00 whole house specials. We take a different approach, all houses are different, different sizes and amounts of carpeted space its only fair to charger by the square foot of cleanable carpet you wish to have cleaned. Also our prices are set to be competitive, but we offer a lot more “bang for the buck”.

"The Al's Difference"

Carpet Cleaning Colchester, CT

When you have us come out its always my father (Al) who is a Master Cleaner, certified in all areas of cleaning and restoration, me (Shawn) or the both of us! Its not a guy that just started last year or 2 months ago! It takes time to learn the field, we believe that our expertise is one of the biggest factors setting us apart from the competition. We also use very high quality, machinery modified to deliver stronger suction and hotter water when needed! We use all the newest products for odor control, stain removal, and cleaning for allergies. We also use corner guards, drop cloths, shoe covers and a door seal, to show respect and help protect your home while we are working in it!

We offer our incredible cleaning services to fairly  large portion of CT, we travel up to 35 min. away from Colchester, this includes all the way out to Mystic, CT and the other direction over to Hartford Area. We also serve Willimantic and many towns in between. Please give us a call to see if we service your location! February and March are always the slowest time of the year for us, so its a great time for you to start attacking those pet odors, dust / allergens and stains before things really accumulate. Give us a call, we would love to help! Mention that you read this blog and save $15.00 off of any service! Thanks for viewing!

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Holiday Cleaning Special

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$25.00 OFF | Holiday Cleaning  Special!

Happy Holidays everyone! Every year we have a cleaning special  for the holidays, no matter what cleaning service you like to have       done, before or after the holidays we have a special to suite your needs! We offer many cleaning and restoration services for both residential and commercial properties including; carpet and upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, auto and boat interior cleaning, janitorial services, window washing, power washing, flood damage restoration, fire and smoke damage restoration, and mold remediation. We have a solution to any cleaning or restoration problem you have! Stubborn pet stains and odors, mold and mildew stains and odors we can handle anything you may have for us! We also guarantee all of our services, we will clean and work on what we are hired to do until you are at least 100% satisfied. This is why we’ve been in business for over 20 years, we are considered to be the “absolute best”.

Winter is a great time to have your carpets and upholstery done! Although there a few added steps on our end, like making sure we keep your heat from escaping out the front door while we work, we have it covered! We wear booties on our shoes, we use drop clothes and we even have a cover to over the front door while our hoses are running into your home! Everything dries quickly when the heat is turned up during the cold winter months, no need to worry about delayed dry times! Winter is also a time with lots of freezing, cold and wet conditions. If you have any water damage problems, due top frozen pipes, sewage backups, ice dams, leaky roof etc. Call Al’s. We have over 12 years experience in dealing with water and fire damage disasters. We will communicate with your insurance company while restoring  your home and caring for your valuables. Call the guys you can trust, you’ll be happy you did! Save $100.00 this winter off of any flood or fire damage, insured or not!

Holiday Cleaning Special Save $25.00 off any cleaning service, when you mention this ad! Offer valid on anything over the minimum order of $150.00. Offer valid December through January 18th, 2015 cann0t be combined with any other offer.  CALL NOW 860 537- 1594


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Flood Damage CT. Drying experts can prevent mold in your home’s future.
Al’s Absolute Best LLC, are experts that can guide you through the whole process and even asist you by working directly with your insurance company. Al’s Absolute Best LLC, are your Consumer advocate restoration professionals!

A frozen pipe caused this flood damage in a Guilford Ct. home!

Here is a letter from the same homeowner! Her Water damage job was fairly large effecting 2 floors and 5 rooms!

letter from happy client

A very happy client sent us this letter in 2014

As I type this blog post thousands of homes have flood Damage in CT, frozen pipes, Ice dams and melting ice and snow that can’t escape into the frozen earth is the cause of all these flood damage calls, that are flooding our office and the office’s of restoration professionals across the state.
It’s actually hard to find someone that is trained in water damage to come out right away in a time of crisis like this.
At Al’s Absolute Best LLC. we strive to be as quick as possible to any water damage emergency. Al’s Absolute Best LLC, can even come out and see if you have hidden flood damage in your home.
When you have a flood damage emergency you can always count on Al’s Absolute Best LLC, to make you feel that your flood damage emergency is under control asap!
Click this video link below to see Al’s Absolute Best LLC Respond to an emergency Water Damage situation!

“When seconds count call us first”

We have provided water damage remediation services to the home in the video on 2 occasions! We don’t like to see our clients suffer through additional water damages but we have many repete emergency clients and that say’s were doing something right!
Al’s Absolute Best LLC,Is a family business that has been serving the CT area for over 17 years!

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It’s been a few years since we were Flooded with calls from folks struggling with ice dams but this year 2/13/14 of February we are having our 5th big snowfall right as I type, this storm will be bigger than the rest bringing 6-16 inches of snow to Connecticut!

Snow and ice buildup on your roof is fuel for an ice dam to form add melting and freezing temperatures and you are a prime candidate for an ice dam.

ice dam removal ctOnce the actual ice dam forms the melting ice can run back up hill forcing water into your home. This is exactly what happened to thousands of Connecticut homes last time we had a run of ice dams.

At Al’s Absolute Best LLC, we have handled hundreds of ice dam situations, from removal of the ice dam to finding where the water has invaded your home! We have very sophisticated, moisture detection equipment and loads of experience!

Since the last ice dam situation in our state we have encountered many homes with mold, this is because the home owner didn’t realize the amount of damage hidden in the walls after the ice dam forced intrusive water into their home. In a few homes we abated the mold was from improper drying done by a restoration company. It is a fact that very well known franchise restoration companies are coming to homes in Connecticut cutting holes in your ceilings and walls, removing wet materials, leaving drying equipment for 3 days, then telling the customer if it starts leaking again they will return.

The source of the problem, the ice dam, is left on the roof??
I find that to be unethical! At Al’s Absolute Best LLC, we make sure the leak is fixed before we begin the drying process, be it a frozen pipe, or an ice dam, doesn’t that make the most sense?
Al’s Absolute Best LLC, is a family owned restoration company with an A+ Better Business Bureau
specializing in structural drying, smoke and fire cleanup, frozen pipe breaks,water damage of any kind, mold abatement!

So remember who to call for complete ice dam removal ct. Call the experts at Al’s Absolute Best Cleaning & Restoration Services.

Alan M. Sims – Al’s Absolute Best Cleaning & Restoration Services

Email: Phone: 860-537-1594 Fax:(860) 537-3311

WEB: m or

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Fall Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

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Cleaning your carpets and upholstery during the Fall is a great idea. Carpet’s hold all sorts of dust, hair and grime! Your carpets actually act as a filter, removing particles from the air. Carpet cleaning can greatly improve your indoor air quality. Many people have their carpets and upholstery cleaned before the long winter months when their homes will be closed up and they will be spending most of their time indoors. People with children and / or pets should consider cleaning their carpets 2 to 3 more times as often as those without.


We at Al’s Absolute Best Restoration and Cleaning offer all types of cleaning. We clean for commercial and residential settings. We also go above and beyond to satisfy our customers, we are actually considered to be the best cleaners in the Nation! Our cleaning systems are completely safe fo0r children and pets. We are certified in many areas including pet stain and odor removal, carpet and upholstery cleaning and fire and water damage restoration.


As a family owned and operated restoration and cleaning service we take pride in all of the work we do.  We have added steps to our cleaning process’ to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We also have a 100

% satisfaction guarantee, if your aren’t completely satisfied we will come back at nor charge, if you still are unhappy with our efforts we will give you a refund.

Call us today and schedule your fall carpet and upholstery cleaning!

Mention this post and save $25.00!  wine stain before

wine stain after

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Basement Flood Colchester

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Flooded basement in Colchester? Call the pro’s at Al’s Absolute Best Restoration and Cleaning Services LLC. As a family owned and operated service business we strive to exceed your expectations and to provide the most outstanding basement flood cleanup service. If your basement has intrusive water, the best thing to do is call a professional to remove the water and dry your structure and belongings immediately before mold has a chance to grow. Mold growth can occur in as little as 24-48 hrs under the right conditions. Basement flooding can be caused by a few different occurrences; if you have a crack in your foundation your basement may flood when the water table rises even just a little bit. Also a toilet over flow, frozen / broken pipe or a  failing sump pump are all reasons why you could have a basement flood. We have been in business for over 18 years now and we have worked with many, many people performing flood restoration services to commercial and residential settings. Basement floods are definitely the most common type of flood that we run into because basements are normally below ground level. Water also seeps to the basement even when the flood may originate in the bathroom on the 2nd or 3rd floor! In the winter we get a lot of floods due to frozen pipes and ice dams. When a house freezes, they freeze from the top down, generally for every pipe break you see there are 3 or 4 more hidden breaks. Finished basement floods require more work and more evasive action. Wet carpet and and padding can be a perfect environment for mold growth to occur.

Al’s absolute best works with the insured and UN-insured. If you are an insured homeowner we will  bill your insurance company directly, but we also make sure that the job is completed correctly to ensure that there is no mold growth in the future. We act as consumer advocates, we document everything with pictures and moisture readings so we can show your insurance company the damage and what work needs to be done to bring your home back to the way it was before the intrusive water entered. If you are not insured we will devise a plan to best suite your needs while restoring and drying your home to standards.

If you are in need of a basement flood cleanup company call Al’s Absolute Best Restoration and Cleaning  today, we offer a 24 HR Emergency water and fire damage restoration service. (800)416-2620

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Spring News Letter 2013

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We are very happy to announce the completion of our 2013 Spring News Letter! Its time to book your spring cleaning, call today!
2013 Spring News Letter />


Pages 2-3 Spring News Letter 2013 />

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CT Water Damage Restoration Service| Emergency Flood Cleanup 24/7

When it comes to a water damage disaster whether its sewage damage, ground water, pipe break or leaking roof Al’s Absolute Best is here 24/7! Just call 800 416 2620 and we will assist you right over the phone, one call and you can you can begin to breathe easy! We’ll clean and dry your home bringing it back to it’s beautiful pre-loss condition but better!
Water damage restoration is a serious job, small water losses in CT are generally $900.00-$1500.00 but they go up very fast! We at Al’s Absolute Best Restoration and Cleaning use Xactimate to bill your insurance company!. If you have a covered water damage claim all you pay us is your insurance deductible! We also communicate with the insurance company to make sure everyone remains on the same page and your home is properly restored to industry standards.
As a family owned and operated service business you get the absolute best service. The benefits of choosing a company like us is exponential. We deliver an oustanding cleaning and restoration service which means we have truck mounted hot water etraction machines, this allows us to extract water out of your flooded carpet or any flooded area. We also use these machines to steam clean carpet, cement and tile. When you choose us we will complete the job from start to finish which means you’ll have nice sanitary steam cleaned floors when we are done.
Pipe Break in CT
If you have a pipe break in CT, you will need a water damage restoration company as well as a certified plumber. Call 800 416 2620 and we will send an emergency response team and a reputable plumbing service if you wish! Al’s is your one call cleaning and Restoration service! We offer all types of restoration services including water damage restoration, sewage damage restoration, fire damage restoration, and mold restoration as well. Our cleaning services are extensive with our powerful cleaning systems we are able to clean tile and grout, carpet and upholstery, cement, stone surfaces, and some hard woods.

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Looking for a professional cleaner or restoration company in CT?

Since Al opened Al’s Absolute Best Restoration and Cleaning over 16 years ago he has always gone the extra mile to impress the customer!
Whether a customer has a need for water damage restoration or carpet cleaning we are there fast, we put in 110%effort and we earn our reputation as the best cleaners and restorer’s in CT! The BetterBusiness Bureau does a fairly extensive investigation into your company to make sure there are no complaints, and if there are that the company resolved the issue. We happen to have an A+BBB rating which in this line of work is almost impossible to uphold unless you offer a more personable experience from a smaller company. Anyone who asks for our help can talk to any one ofus in upper management, even the owner Al at anytime,this is because we do honest business and we treat every customer and their home with respect. We are family owned and operated, our technicians are going to be some the most friendly and considerate guys you’ve had in your home! 

We wear shoe covers in your home, if we are doing a water damage restoration job, we protect your floors and walls from hoses and tools. When we clean your carpets we wipe theedges to make sure there is no water left on the floor or dust on the baseboards. Best of all we are experienced, we go to and hold classes and seminars, we involve ourselves in the  industry andwe love it! Please if you still aren’t convinced either give us a call or visit our youtube channel!

               Not many other cleaners or restoration companies in CT offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, like we do! For Example if you hire us to do some carpet and upholstery cleaning, and you

love the job when we are done but when it’s fully dry you see something you don’t like, we will come back at no charge and correct the issue!

Customers count on Al’s when it comes to

Area Rug Cleaning | Wool &  Other Natural Fiber Rugs| Fine & Specialty Area Rugs  |  Drop Off  \ Pick-Up /Delivery

Water Damage Restoration | Content Cleaning | Flood Water Extraction | Pack Outs |Structural Drying | Moisture Detection | + More

Mold Remediation

Restorative Cleaning

Fire Damage Restoration | Smoke Odor Removal

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning | Residential and Commercial | All types of material and different settings even in cars, boats and planes

Deodorization | Severe Odor Removal

Residential and Commercial Cleaning and  or Restoration Projects

Power Washing

General Cleaning Contracts | Dust Downs | + More


Select This To View What The BBB Listing For Al’s Absolute Best Restoration and Cleaning








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Carpet Cleaning

Al's Absolute Best Restoration & Cleaning Services offers both residential and commercial carpet cleaning to Colchester CT.
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Upholstery Cleaning

Colchester Connecticut's upholstery cleaning experts. We are experienced at cleaning even the most delicate of fabrics.
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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Al's Absolute Best can restore the luster of your tile and grout floors. We also offer grout sealing and grout color sealing services.
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