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Mold Abatement

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Mold Abatement

Many factors have contributed to the recent incline in mold / mildew growth in homes across the state of Connecticut. We feel that that much of this mold is due to the recent flooding from super storm Sandy and flooding on the shoreline in previous years. Many, many homes were affected by water this past fall along the shoreline especially. Heavy flooding occurred in New London, Old Say brook, Clinton, Madison,  Guilford, Branford, New Haven, Milford, Fairfield, all areas on the CT shoreline and around main river systems. Of course when disaster struck Al’s Absolute Best Restoration and Cleaning was setup along the CT shoreline so we could easily remove the water out of basements, crawl spaces and garages. Some houses gave way into the sea, we saw horrible things but we also saw the communities coming together to help one another.


Mold Found On A Basement Wall

Mold Found On A Basement Wall

The Water Is Gone….Now We Have Mold In Our Basement!

Unfortunately not everyone could or wanted to properly take care of the intrusive water in their home or office. What we are finding is many people have mild to severe mold growth in their basements, crawl spaces and other areas of the home! In some cases the structure was never dried fully or anti-microbial agent was never applied. Mold abatement “Mold Cleanup Service” is not an easy job mainly because mold can be very dangerous even fatal. Pregnant women, children, elderly persons and people with weakened immune systems should leave any property where there is serious mold growth that has not been inspected by a professional.  Al’s Absolute Best Restoration and Cleaning Services provides mold abatement services to all of CT.


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Mold! …Let’s Clear the Air!

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Mold!…. Lets Clear The air!


Mold is everywhere! It’s in the air you breathe it’s in your home and work place and we are lucky to have it, not visible mold on our walls but mold in general.

Mold has been here since the beginning of time, when someone say’s that something is rotting or decaying they are referring to mold doing it’s job.

The only facilities absent of mold would be a sterile operating room or maybe a space station.


If there was no mold on earth we would be walking on piles of animal and vegetable matter, nothing would break down and decay. 


Now that we understand that we need mold and it is literally everywhere, lets talk about the possibility of dangerous mold in your indoor environment.


There are hundreds of thousands of types of mold, scientists are not even close to knowing everything is to learn about mold!


One of the biggest mold problems we have is the media! Yes that’s right, our friends from the news room always need something to blow out of proportion! This time the focus is mold! The same mold that grew on Cave Mans left overs and Dinosaur Dung!


 The media calls it Black Mold! Toxic Mold! Even Killer Mold! It’s in the news everyday, it’s no wonder a homeowner gets frantic at the sight or elevated odor of mold in their home.


There certainly are some dangerous molds, some are considered to be allergenic, (meaning  that they can cause allergic reactions). a few molds are dangerous to almost anyone and  then there are many molds that cause allergic reactions to a small number of people. This always relates to the persons general health, mold that is dangerous to a sick person may not bother a relatively healthy person.


For mold to become a problem in your home, it needs a place to thrive.

A mold spore could be thought of as a seed, just like a seed a mold spore will lie dormant until it finds the right place to live and breed in your home.

Fact: Mold is airborne (Meaning travels through air)


A damp basement, a leaky sink, toilet or roof, any place with excess moister, condensation or humidity would be  attractive to a mold spore, add a food source, (paper, wood or any cellulite material)  and the right temperatures (40 to 140 degrees) through in some stagnant air and you have a perfect breeding ground for mold to establish and spread.


Fact: Your home can never be mold free but you can prevent the growth of potentially harmful molds by controlling the moisture in your home.


  I found mold growing in my home, how do I test the mold?

Normally, it isn’t necessary to test or identify the mold growing in a structure, first of all any test will show some mold but sampling and culturing  are not reliable at determining your health risk. The #1 health threat from mold is allergies, remember people have different levels of susceptibility to mold, if you are a person susceptible to mold and smell or see mold in your residence, the potential of a health risk is present, no matter what the species of mold.

From a health perspective this means you should have any mold, no matter what type removed from the structure.

Fact: Mold can start growing in as little as 48 hours after moisture and cellulistic material mix. A good example of this situation could be wet drywall around a shower stall.  


Can I do mold cleanup myself?

Absolutely, say’s AL from Al’s Absolute Best Cleaning and Restoration! Many mold cleanups can be done by the homeowner, provided they are in good health and don’t have allergy or respiratory problems.

The first step, after taking all safety precautions is to eliminate the intrusive moisture! (Stop the Leak) If the moisture remains the mold returns. Remember the mold spore or seed of mold can lie dormant for years waiting for moisture.

At Al’s Absolute Best Cleaning and Restoration, we often have to find the source of intrusive water and fix the problem before we start the next steps of professional mold remediation.

Caution: Beware of electrical shock, water and electricity do not mix, always take precaution.

When you do a mold cleanup at home, Al’s Absolute Best Cleaning and Restoration recommends you always wear the following items for protection.

  • A proper respirator for mold cleanup can be purchased at most hardware stores the cartridge specs are N-95 or TC-21C.
  • Disposable rubber gloves
  • Goggles
  • Long sleeve shirt and pants

Once you have stopped the moisture problem, you will want to remove all wet material that cannot be dried and dry all the wet material that can be dried. For instance drywall that has lost it’s integrity from the intrusive water damage should be removed. If you see visible mold on any porous materials it should be discarded immediately, being extremely careful not to expose the mold spores to unaffected areas in your home. When Al’s Absolute Best Cleaning and Restoration does a mold remediation job, we contain all contaminated areas, normally using thick, 3Mil plastic sheeting and duct tape prior to touching, cutting or removing any materials that have come in contact with mold spores. We always recommend the homeowner does the same, mold spores can travel very easily and quickly!

It is better to not do anything at all with the mold than to spread it around the entire home, on the other hand mold spores can easily spread from one room to another just through the air! This is why containment is a detrimental step in the mold remediation process. Even if you are unsure of what you were going to do about your mold issue, it would still be a wise decision to contain the contaminated area with sheet plastic.

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Spring is always the busiest time of the year for use here at Al’s Absolute Best Cleaning and Restoration. Many people are anxious to use our services not just for appearance but also for health and allergy reasons as well. If you think about it, unless you vacuum your carpets and upholstery twice a day these furnishings are probably holding most of the dust created through the colder fall and winter months causing a more  drastic need for a professional cleaning.


Fig 1. This is what a dust mite actually looks like if it were much, much larger! Many people do not realize that they are living organisms, while they do cause allergic reactions in some humans they actually play many roles in the environment. In fact humans wouldn’t even survive on this planet without them. It’s actually the fecal matter created by the dust mites that some people are allergic to, it isn’t the dust mites themselves, the two allergens in the fecal matter are dermatophagoides pteronyssinus and dermatophagoides farinae . One particularly disturbing fact is that if dust mite feces was the size of golf balls, the average queen size bed would have a pile  70 ft  tall !  dust is composed of mostly 2 things, 80% human skin (what the mites feed on)  and then a lot of dust mite feces.

Ok, back to the point,  although it is absolutely impossible to remove all the dust, we are the best at what we do and can remove almost all of it from your carpets, tile, upholstery, radiators and base boards. When you choose Al’s you get a company that goes the extra mile for you… cleaning for health as well as appearance. When you have us clean your carpets the indoor air quality in your home is much better, because we provide the most thorough cleaning around, and also wipe down your baseboards and radiators as well : )

Our technicians are stain and odor experts! Many people call us with pet stain and odor issues because they know we come very highly recommended and our services are backed up by a 100% Satisfaction guarantee! Spring time is the perfect time to take advantage of our 20% off special and have all those pet spots and odors removed!

After such a wet winter/ early spring many people have concerns with mold and mildew odors coming from previously flooded basements and furnishings. We can always help and are always willing to when it comes to water damage restoration, odors and stains. When it come to water damage cleanup and restoration things tend to get a little more complicated because its no longer a typical cleaning job,  we recommend that you call us with your specific questions, so we may better assist you! And Don’t Forget About the Amazing Results we have when it comes to cleaning your tile and grout!

We even have a celebrity testimonial from Robert Irvine of the Food Network! He loves our work! Especially our tile and grout cleaning work!

Thanks for Reading and Please Give us a Call and Save 20 % When you mention this Blog Post


After a treacherous winter, most of us here in Connecticut are worried about high water tables and flooding basements. We at Al’s Absolute Best received thousands of calls  for flooding due to ice dams from panicking CT residents.

Many, many people could potentially have had water entering the walls of their home without ever even knowing it, and may still not know! This is not ok because mold can begin to form on wood, drywall or insulation within just 3 days!

Mold Found On A Basement Wall

Contrary to popular belief, mold which is a fungi can and will grow even during colder winter months, just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean your home isn’t warm enough to help produce mold. Mold thrives in moist, warm and dark places especially with stagnant air. Thus re-iterating the possibility that many people have no idea that just a little bit of water trapped in a wall could potentially explode in to a major mold and health issue this spring.

There are thousands of types of molds, mold actually will produce and release millions of spores so small they can be air-, water-, or insect-borne. They can also produce toxic agents known as mycotoxins. Spores and mycotoxins can have extremely negative effects on human health.

With only about a week left to the official beginning of spring, we already got hit with 2 or 3 inches of rain causing major flooding issues across Connecticut. One home in particular had a whopping 6 feet of water in their basement!

Example of a Flooded Basement

It is extremely important to choose a reputable restoration company when you run into a flood, if not properly cared for it will most likely turn into a mold issue resulting in an exponential increase in restoration service fees and labor costs. Molds should never be taken lightly…. children, the elderly,pregnant women,  people with allergies and weakened immune systems could become deathly ill just from breathing the air around an infected home.

If you rent your home, it is in your best interest to express deep concern to your landlord as explained before, water damage can easily become mold damage and can effect the health of your friends and family. Not everyone realizes how easily mold can form and how dangerous it really is. Sometimes it will be up to to you to stand up for your rights and your health! Al’s Absolute Best Cleaning and Restoration is a nationally certified and recognized firm dealing in disaster restoration and cleanup services. For more information please view our other blog posts.

For immediate assistance with a flood or mold issue please call 800-416-2620.

We separate ourselves from the competition by providing the public with reliable and up-to-date information, we also act as consumer advocates with insurance restoration work and are here to help you!

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