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Dryer Fires!

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This home was severly damaged by a Dryer Fire

Every year over 12,000 residential fires are caused by cloths dryers, these fires result in death to approximately 15 people, injure another 400 and cause over 80 million dollars in damages. The most distressing fact of all is the majority of these fires could have been prevented through proper maintenance.

The No. 1 cause of dryer fires is “failure to clean” this information comes directly from the U.S. Fire Administration.
It’s the lint build up on the screen and in the ducting that causes the fires, lint is extremely flammable and if it builds up to the point that it restricts air flow which could cause the dryer to over heat or even make the dryers thermostat malfunction a fire may occur. Daily cleaning of the screen will avoid lint buildup
When the dryer screen is full lint gets forced through and can build up in the ducting any kinks twists and turns in the ducting can cause even more buildup, always keep your exhaust ducting as short and straight as possible. At Al’s Absolute Best Cleaning and Restoration Service we have seen the damage caused by dryer fires first hand. The pictures below are from a dryer fire in 2009 and the home was not properly covered by insurance, we were recently called to bid on the cleaning and repairs for a potential buyer.

A circle of light shows through at bottom left where the clothes dryer was ducted outside

The folks at Al’s Absolute Best Cleaning and Restoration don’t want to clean up after a fire in your home, please take a couple of minutes and check your dryer screen and ducting. If you are not sure how or physically incapable ask a friend or give Al’s Absolute Best a call @ 860-537-1594 and maybe we can help

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