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The Deep Freeze is on! Sometimes it passes our state by but this year is colder than ever! Pipes are bursting in homes, schools, businesses everywhere. The worst thing about frozen pipes is most times we don’t know our pipes are frozen until warmer weather comes!


We do ice dam and frozen pipe cleanups

Ice Dams and Frozen Pipes all over the State!

That’s right thousands of people have frozen pipes in their homes right now and may not have a clue until they thaw out. If the frozen pipe is cracked  or weakened when the water flows again in could cause leaks or worse yet a flood in your home. If you suspect frozen pipes you could carefully inspect them for bulges, cracks or imperfections and slowly try to thaw the frozen pipe! You could also call a plumber who could check your system and find out if you have a frozen pipe. At Al’s Absolute best LLC many of our water cleanup jobs result from frozen and burst pipes. If you suspect any of the issues Call 860-537-1594 Al’s Absolute Best Restoration LLC.

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Simple steps to prevent Water Damage, Mold and Smoke Damage in your Home!  It’s Winter already! Time flies by so fast and there is always so much to do, each season transition brings on different chores for the homeowner, Winter being the craziest transition of them all, we have to get our cars ready our homes ready and it’s just so easy to forget or neglect some simple things that could save us thousands of dollars in property damage to our homes.

Did you clean or have your gutters cleaned and expected before winter? A small clog in your gutter can result in a huge water damage problem, clogged gutters cause water to find another route to go, unfortunately this could be into your home. The clog in your gutter can freeze and create an Ice dam forcing water into your home thus resulting in water damage. Some times water damage can go unnoticed to the homeowner because it lies hidden walls of your home, your attic and crawl spaces. Hidden water damage can cause secondary issues like mold that could be an even bigger and more costly issues. We have seen ice dams force water into kitchen walls causing terrible water damage but It all remains hidden behind kitchen cabinets, counters, back splashes and fixtures sometimes noticeable by a tiny drip under the kitchen window sill or not even noticeable at all. Water damage hidden in wall cavities causing soggy insulation and wood does not always show itself, look for drips under window sills, small stains on ceiling that you never noticed before, bubbles behind paint or wall paper and even nail pops are signs of possible hidden water damage.

We also have water damage from pipe bursts each winter a few dollars and 20 minutes of precaution can help keep you from a water damage emergency. First of all always keep your home heated to at least 55*, Insulate outer pipes near cold spots in your home and garage, this is easily done with pipe insulation sold at any hardware store. In bitter cold or if your leaving your home for a few days, it is a good idea to leave a sink or bathtub slightly dripping to keep the water flowing and stop it from freezing and causing a pipe burst and possible water damage.

Another thing to check or have checked is your homes furnace and chimney! This is very important because you may experience a puff back in your home. Many times puff backs go unnoticed to the home owner if they are mild happen happen when no one is present in the home. Look around where ever ceilings meet the wall and look for a darker line around the room, if you don’t smoke at home or burn candles chances are you have experienced a puff back. More severe puff backs cause thousands of dollars in damages to your home, soot is acetic and simple puff back can ruin your homes electronics like big screen TV’s , video games and computer systems all the cloths in your closets and drawers need special laundering, you wake you coughing up soot and every single item in the home and the structure itself needs special cleaning to neutralize the acid from the smoke. If you suspect any of these issues are present in your home call Al’s Absolute Best LLC for a free inspection. We have been doing Water damage, Fire /Smoke Damage and Mold Damage Clean up for 25 years.

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Carpet Cleaning Colchester, CT

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Thank you for viewing our site, if you are here you are most likely considering having carpet, upholstery or tile and grout cleaned. We can help with that! We actually come very highly recommended, we’ve been in the industry for almost 25 years! As a family owned business we offer a more personal experience, satisfying each and every customer. Everyone has different needs, and budgets you should know now that if you are simply looking for the cheapest service, you wont find that here. That’s not who we want to be, its not that we cant compete with these extremely low 99.00 whole house specials. We take a different approach, all houses are different, different sizes and amounts of carpeted space its only fair to charger by the square foot of cleanable carpet you wish to have cleaned. Also our prices are set to be competitive, but we offer a lot more “bang for the buck”.

"The Al's Difference"

Carpet Cleaning Colchester, CT

When you have us come out its always my father (Al) who is a Master Cleaner, certified in all areas of cleaning and restoration, me (Shawn) or the both of us! Its not a guy that just started last year or 2 months ago! It takes time to learn the field, we believe that our expertise is one of the biggest factors setting us apart from the competition. We also use very high quality, machinery modified to deliver stronger suction and hotter water when needed! We use all the newest products for odor control, stain removal, and cleaning for allergies. We also use corner guards, drop cloths, shoe covers and a door seal, to show respect and help protect your home while we are working in it!

We offer our incredible cleaning services to fairly  large portion of CT, we travel up to 35 min. away from Colchester, this includes all the way out to Mystic, CT and the other direction over to Hartford Area. We also serve Willimantic and many towns in between. Please give us a call to see if we service your location! February and March are always the slowest time of the year for us, so its a great time for you to start attacking those pet odors, dust / allergens and stains before things really accumulate. Give us a call, we would love to help! Mention that you read this blog and save $15.00 off of any service! Thanks for viewing!

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Happy New Year folks! Shawn here! For those of you who don’t know me already I am Al’s son, we run the company together, Ive been working with him for well over 20 years , we have over 50 years of combined restoration and cleaning experience! I haven’t posted any cleaning or restoration information in last 6 or 7 moths, so I will cover a little bit about everything here!

Al’s Absolute Best Restoration and Cleaning Services is ready, and excited for another year providing the absolute best services! Carpet and upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and sealing, 24 HR emergency services including water damage, flood cleanup, sewage cleanup, fire and smoke damage restoration and ice dam water damage! Schedule your appointment now through January 20th for any day in 2017 and save $25.00! We don’t normally have discounts or coupons but this year is special, take advantage of the savings while they are here!

  WATER DAMAGE RESTORATION  Winter is officially here, this time of year usually brings in a lot of water and fire damage work. Most water damage comes from ice dams and frozen pipes that burst! Ice dams have caused problems all over the country especially in the last 5 years! If your don’t properly clean your gutter systems, to make sure they are free flowing and not full of debris your odds of getting an ice dam greatly increase! Most people who get ice dams get water damage, some wont notice the intrusive water and will see mold in the warmer months. If you have a bad ice dam with water entering your home you should call us immediately to minimize any damage.  As I mentioned above pipe breaks are another common cause for water damage, it is extremely important to ensure the heat is on and that you don’t run out of fuel or gas! Many insurance companies wont cover a claim if it is the negligence on the home owners part! Even when a home is properly heated you run the chance of pipes freezing and breaking, poor insulation, extremely cold temperatures and weak pipes are few main causes. You’ll need a restoration company such as us along with a good plumber to shut the water off and get the pipe repaired. You can always call us right away and we contact the best plumber in our network to service your pipes!

     CLEANING SERVICES  Winter is generally the slowest time of the year for carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning. These conditions make our job a little but more tough due to freezing water hoses and cleaning equipment. We have systems to help us battle the elements! We actually have a new zip door that keeps your heat and pets in the house while we have our cleaning hoses running through the front door! We always wear shoe covers on our feet, many customers comment on them and love that we put in the extra effort to care for their home! In these colder months people spend much more time indoors, cleaning carpets and upholstery greatly improves indoor air quality and helps with allergies. We can fix stains and odors from children and pets. We also clean all types of carpets and rugs no matter the material or age from cheap throw downs to very expensive fancy rugs, you can count us for all of your cleaning needs! Remember we also clean auto, boat and RV interior.

That’s it for now folks! We really hope to hear from you and see you soon! If you have any questions or comments please give us a call any time, we are always happy to help! You can reach us anytime at (860)537 1594 you may also email us at

    Have a fantastic year!





Spring Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

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Spring Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Colchester CT.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Colchester Ad

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Colchester


This ad appeared in the Norwich Bulletin recently! We  are trying to increase carpet and upholstery cleaning business this Spring. We are a family owned and operated cleaning and restoration service in Colchester, CT.  For over 20 years we have delivered unbeatable customer service, and top-notch work! You always get someone you can trust, that has experience and training in all areas of carpet and upholstery cleaning! If you have kids and or pets, cleaning your carpets and upholstery becomes a full time job! It is very important to use a professional cleaning service to remove the dirt, dust and grime to produce a happier, healthier environment for you family!

We offer the only cleaning system that actually removes the grime built up over the winter months. Our techniques, knowledge and equipment provide a cleaning job that you can’t find elsewhere! The only way to get the suction and hot water that our equipment provides is to have our truck mounted equipment, that’s why house hold, and portable rental units could never, ever match the job we do! We apply our outstanding cleaning techniques to not only carpets and upholstery but also to mattress’ , tile and grout, auto and boat interior and area rugs! We can solve all sorts of problems; including pet stains and odors,  accidents from kids, sewage backups, even water damage and mold problems!

If you are reading this then you have been considering getting something cleaned, the good news is we can help and we are more than willing to give you the answers you need! Call us anytime (860) 537-1594 It’s time for Spring carpet and upholstery cleaning Colchester CT! We serve many surrounding towns as well, don’t be shy if you have a cleaning job give us a try!

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Ice Dams Cause Flooding Colchester, CT

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Ice dams on your roof can cause flooding inside your house ruining the structure and belongings. If water damage is not handled properly it can lead to major problems down the road, the biggest being dangerous mold. It is much better to take preventative measures to protect against ice dams and if you do have a flood don’t hesitate getting professional assistance.

Hello everyone! Business is a bit slower than usual, we wanted to take this slow period to wish everyone a very safe, and happy New Year! Many of us in Connecticut just experienced the first signs of winter with most of the state accumulating just over an inch of snow. Many people are preparing for a typical New England winter while others are hoping for very little to no snow. It seems that storms have been getting crazier and crazier lately and everyone should take steps to avoid ice damming this winter. We are still helping people with mold remediation caused from last year’s ice dams! It is very important to keep your roof free of snow, at minimum you should have no snow within 4 ft. of the gutters to prevent ice dams. We recommend using a roof rake, never go on the roof yourself.  In the event of intrusive water entering your home, it is a great idea to keep our phone number handy! You can call (860)537-1594 any day, any time and we will respond to your ice dam or water damage problem as soon as possible. This is very important to minimize the damages caused by the water. We can help to protect the contents of your home from ever being effected by the water, while minimizing the damage to the structure.

We have state of the art drying equipment, paired with years of schooling and over 20 years experience in the restoration and cleaning industry. Family owned and operated we aim to provide you with the most pleasant experience possible during a very undesirable experience. We work with all types of insurance, we also work for people who are not insured! The whole process can seem overwhelming, when you call Al’s with any ice dam or water damage problem you can rest easy knowing you are in good hands, we aim to please from start to finish! Don’t let ice dams cause flooding in your home this year!


Flooded now? Call Al’s! (800)416-2620




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Ice Dams and Ice Dam prevention

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Ice Dam removal by Al's Absolute best LLC

Heating Coils caused this Connecticut Ice Dam to have an artistic look but could water be leaking back into this home?

Ice dam removal by Al's Absolute Best Cleaning and Restoration LLC

Here is another Connecticut home with heating coils and an ice dam

Ice dams can be removed by Als Absolute Best Restoration LLC

Heating Coils used to prevent Ice Dams may not be the answer in severe winters

Ice Dams and Ice Dam prevention is a big topic in the news right now and also the topic of this blog post.

In our travels to Connecticut homes with leaky ice dams we see other area homes covered in ice! In the picture to the left the home owner obviously had heating coils installed on the roof to prevent ice dams but as the picture shows there are two very large ice dams created by the same heating coils that were supposed to prevent ice dams!  A neighboring home also had heating coils installed and as you see, they still have a major ice dam problem on their roof!

Could the melting water from the heating coils penetrate the roof?

With the ice dam still intact on the gutter like you see in the picture, I would think that would be a strong possibility!

This is just something we have noticed in our travels, it seems that the folks who continuously maintained their roof after each storm had the least amount of Ice dams on their roofs.

At Al’s Absolute Best Cleaning and rsetoration LLC, we find that the best way to prevent ice dams is first to have adequate ventilation and insulation in your homes attic and second is to maintain your gutter system and be sure it is totally clean before winter sets in! Third would be to maintain your roof after each storm! If you see the tell tale sign of a water damage leak in your home caused by ice dams, broken pipes or water run off, give Al’s Absolute Best Cleaning and Restoration LLC. a call.

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Will an Ice Dam harm my roof?

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Ice dam forces water into a Connecticut home

An Al’s Absolute Best LLC, technician carefully removes snow from an Uncasville Roof with an ice dam causing leaks into the home


If you live in Connecticut chances are you have been battling Ice Dams this winter! In the picture to the left shows an Al’s Absolute Best LLC, technician carefully removing the snow from the roof of this Uncasville Ct. home. The picture also  shows the calcium chloride roof pucks that were placed at intervals along the ice dam to begin the melting process! It is important to at least break the dam by creating  channels in areas to stop the water from pooling behind the ice dam and forcing its way into your home.

Many homes have leaks around windows, or dripping from ceilings and folks have placed buckets and towels around to catch the dripping water, at Al’s Absolute Best LLC, we see all kinds of creative water catchers when we go to a leaky home with an Ice dam on the roof.


If you see a area where water has forced its way into your home by the lowly Ice dam, be aware that a small spot on the visible side of your wall or ceiling, means a bigger water damaged area hidden behind that spot. If you see these tell tale signs it is time to initiate a claim with your insurance carrier and give a reputable water damage restoration company like Al’s Absolute Best LLC, a call, so the situation can be remediated before mold begins to breed in your walls.

Below is a sketch of what an ice dam can do to the roof of your Connecticut home! As the sketch shows the melting water pools right behind the ice dam on your roof, then the water looks for the easiest route of travel which unfortunately is right back under your roofs shingles, where it refreezes breaking the adhesive backing between the shingles and allowing the water to flow back into your home where it runs along beams and down walls finally showing up where gravity brings it down into your home, this is why water from an ice dam can show up in the middle of your ceiling with no visible explanation of how it got there! That’s where the technicians at Al’s Absolute LLC cleaning and restoration shine, our state of the art thermal imaging cameras and moisture reading equipment will find the hidden damage caused by an ice dam on your homes roof! The good news is when the Ice dam is gone and the hot spring sun beats down on the shingles of your roof, the shingles will re-seal them selves and your roof often is undamaged!



What is an Ice Dam

This sketch shows what an Ice dam can do to your Connecticut home

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At least seven snow storms have hit Connecticut this winter and at least 2 more are on the way! Most Connecticut homes have huge piles of snow around their foundations and soon it will begin to melt, melting snow on frozen ground leaves water with no place to go but into your homeho and cause a flooded basement.

In most cases Intrusive ground water is not covered by insurance and since many people store valuable possessions in their basement now is a good time to make sure you get them up off the floor! Large plastic containers are great for storing valuable items to protect them from a flooded basement.

A flooded basement in the spring when the ground water table is high will remain flooded until the ground water subsides even if we pump the flooded basement out, they fill right back up to the ground water level in most cases!  If you have a flooded basement, that is a finished room with drywall, carpet and furniture, you need to have a reputable restoration company like Al’s Absolute Best LLC, come to your rescue to help minimize damages caused by your flooded basement. Flooded basements happen every spring but after severe winters such as the one we are still experiencing thousands of Connecticut homes will have a flooded  basement. It is always a good idea to have a submersible water pump and 100  feet of garden hose to pump water from your flooded basement outdoors and far enough away from your home so that it cant re-enter your home!

A flooded basement

Example of a Flooded Basement










Take precautions now to help minimize damage in the event of a flooded basement!




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Shoveling Roofs in Connecticut

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roof shoveling is dangerous and excerting

Justin Tuttle a technician from Al’s Absolute Best LLC, is   shoveling roofs in Connecticut

If you live in Connecticut chances are your roof is covered in snow, you probably have ice dams and could be experiencing intrusive water in your home. Shoveling roofs is extremely dangerous and exerting work but if your home is in danger you must do your best to remove the ice and snow from your roof. At Al’s Absolute Best LLC, we often find ourselves on leaky Connecticut homes              shoveling roofs and removing ice, when our technicians are shoveling roofs they use plastic bladed shovels with no metal lip and shovel downward with the lay of the shingles, leaving an inch or so of snow on the roof but removing the bulk of the weight thus leaving your home in a much safer condition! We feel the best way is to shovel roofs is to do the entire roof not just the first few feet because in some cases a new ice dam forms at that point. When shoveling roofs keep in mind where you are dumping the snow because melting snow at the base of your house on the frozen ground forces ground water into your home which is a big problem each spring and ground water in your home is not generally covered by insurance companies. A roof rake can be a big help when shoveling roofs but they tend to break under the heavy loads of snow we have been experiencing while shoveling roofs this season.

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