It’s February 2015 Connecticut has been hit by several major snow storms and the Ice dams are back with a vengeance! If you haven’t had experience with the lowly ice dam I will briefly explain what ice dams are and what they can do to your home. Ice dams are just what they sound like a dam made of ice usually at the edge of your roof on the gutter but different circumstances can cause ice dams to form farther up on your homes roof. The snow on your roof is actually fuel for the ice dam, the snow acts as an insulator allowing escaping heat from the roof of your home to melt the bottom layer of snow creating flowing water even in bitter cold temperatures that runs down the peak of your roof and pools up behind the ice dams on your homes roof. Water having almost a mind of it’s own  finds the easiest route of travel which unfortunately can be right back into your home.

Many times water shows itself in the home and many times remains hidden in the walls of your home becoming a possible breading ground for mold. At Al’s Absolute Best LLC, the most common call from intrusive water from ice dams is “water is leaking in around my window”, just a few drips of water coming from the window could indicate more damage inside the walls.

Ice dam forces water into home

Water forced into home by an ice dam remains hidden in wall





This photo shows a wall effected by water from ice dams but there was no evidence of water in the home, the wall felt dry to the touch but ice dams forced water into the walls soaking the sheathing and insulation thanks to the expertise of Al’s Absolute Best LLC’s trained water damage technicians the hidden damage was found and addressed before mold could begin to breed inside the wall.


Sometimes water shows up on the ceiling of your home, Ice dams can actually force water into the home where it runs along rafters and beams dripping well away from the point where the ice dam exists.Ice dam water spot, showing up as spots on your ceiling, these spots can leak on and off during the frequent temperature changes of the winter season.


If you encounter any of these symptoms, have ice dams on your home and feel like there could be intrusive water forced into your home by ice dams give a reputable water damage restoration company, like Al’s Absolute Best LLC a call! Al’s Absolute best works directly with homeowners insurance companies!


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Ice dam removal from CT roofs

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Remember back in 2010 when Connecticut was over run with Ice dams and  many folks had not even heard of such a thing as an Ice Dam on a house? Now many homes have a roof rake handy and are ready to battle the ice dams and snow on their roofs. Here is a brief article we posted in 2010 unfortunately the methods for fighting the dreaded Ice dam have not changed much since this article was originally posted, one exception is puck shaped Calcium Chloride cakes that you can toss up on your roof and they melt a track right through the ice dam and into the gutter.

New England is known for rapid weather changes and that presents a perfect environment for an ice dam to form on your roof top which could cause all sorts of damage to your New England home. An ice dam is formed by the snow on your rooftop melting and re-freezing, which blocks or “Dams” the path of water produced by the melting snow, water that could run down the side of your house causing ice and water damage and if it has no other place to go it will eventually intrude into your home causing both interior and exterior water damage.

Ice Dam Forming on A Ct Roof

Ice Dam Forming on A Ct Roof

. One factor contributing to the formation of an “ice dam” on your home is the heat of your attic melting the snow on your roof with the outside temperatures still below freezing level; another contributing factor would be the well known rapid temperature changes of our New England climate. Last but not least an “ice dam loves clogged gutters.” We at Al’s Absolute Best Cleaning & Restoration Services love the challenge of structural drying and completing restoration projects caused by “ole mother nature” but there are some precautions you can take to limit your chances of the dreaded “ice dam”. Adequate and properly installed insulation and ventilation systems are a must. Some things to have available would be: Ladder Shovel Roof Rake for Snow Snow melt (Calcium Chloride ONLY others may stain your roof) In the event that you have an “ice dam” form on your roof top there is an easy way to effectively break it up and save yourself from water and ice damage to your home. First you will want to take a look around the house for more ice dams. You can do this from the ground or using the ladder but only to gutter level, no need to go on to the roof in most situations. Next using the shovel or better yet the long handled “Roof Rake for snow” remove any snow that you can reach. Now use the Calcium Chloride ice melt, the best trick for applying it is by using a pair of pantyhose.Take a pair of pantyhose and pour a container of Calcium Chloride ice melt into them then separate and tie them off individually, place one filled pantyhose leg on each ice dam, making sure to go from the roof across the dam and hang over the gutter, this will usually melt the dam within 12 -24 hours. Don’t forget to take the pantyhose off your roof when it all melts, who knows what your neighbors may think! ICE DAM REMOVAL COLCHESTER CT

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Holiday Cleaning Special

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$25.00 OFF | Holiday Cleaning  Special!

Happy Holidays everyone! Every year we have a cleaning special  for the holidays, no matter what cleaning service you like to have       done, before or after the holidays we have a special to suite your needs! We offer many cleaning and restoration services for both residential and commercial properties including; carpet and upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, auto and boat interior cleaning, janitorial services, window washing, power washing, flood damage restoration, fire and smoke damage restoration, and mold remediation. We have a solution to any cleaning or restoration problem you have! Stubborn pet stains and odors, mold and mildew stains and odors we can handle anything you may have for us! We also guarantee all of our services, we will clean and work on what we are hired to do until you are at least 100% satisfied. This is why we’ve been in business for over 20 years, we are considered to be the “absolute best”.

Winter is a great time to have your carpets and upholstery done! Although there a few added steps on our end, like making sure we keep your heat from escaping out the front door while we work, we have it covered! We wear booties on our shoes, we use drop clothes and we even have a cover to over the front door while our hoses are running into your home! Everything dries quickly when the heat is turned up during the cold winter months, no need to worry about delayed dry times! Winter is also a time with lots of freezing, cold and wet conditions. If you have any water damage problems, due top frozen pipes, sewage backups, ice dams, leaky roof etc. Call Al’s. We have over 12 years experience in dealing with water and fire damage disasters. We will communicate with your insurance company while restoring  your home and caring for your valuables. Call the guys you can trust, you’ll be happy you did! Save $100.00 this winter off of any flood or fire damage, insured or not!

Holiday Cleaning Special Save $25.00 off any cleaning service, when you mention this ad! Offer valid on anything over the minimum order of $150.00. Offer valid December through January 18th, 2015 cann0t be combined with any other offer.  CALL NOW 860 537- 1594


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Fall Cleaning Special

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Yup! It’s already here! That time of the year…Fall, so it’s time to do all of that super exciting fall cleaning! For those of you like myself who are normally really busy, let Al’s give a helping hand this Fall! When you use Al’s Absolute Best Restoration and Cleaning Services, you are supporting a local, hard working family business! We are extremely, thorough with any cleaning or restoration service we offer. What takes you hours and hours maybe even all day, Al’s will get it done faster, and better than you could ever imagine, you cant beat 20 years of experience cleaning carpets, area rugs, upholstery, tile and grout, auto and boat interior. We offer water and fire damage restoration, window cleaning, power washing, and we even do some janitorial work! Choosing us will give you more of your most valuable resource, YOUR TIME!

Fall cleaning special.

Fall cleaning special.

The Al’s Guarantee!
All of our services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you’re unhappy about anything, we want to know! Say we clean your carpets, and well after they’re dry, maybe a day or two later you notice a spot that has wicked back to the surface, just give Al’s a call and we will correct the issue at no additional charge! This scenario very rarely happens because we use our knowledge and experience, to make sure that we use the best cleaning and drying process for your carpets and upholstery.
Stain and Odor Specialists
The technicians at Al’s Absolute Best Restoration and Cleaning are schooled and trained to clean any type of spot and obtain the best results even on those fine carpets, upholstery and area rugs!
Whether you are up against powerful pet odors, smoke, mildew or sewage we have the answer! From cleaning your carpets and upholstery to tearing out UN-salvageable flooring and drywall if needed, from start to finish we can fix any odor problem.

Why clean now?
Fall is a great time to clean all of your carpets and upholstery to remove the dirt, grime, pollen, pet hair and dust mites that have stored up all summer, before the long winter sets in! Using our truck mounted hot water extraction cleaning system, we will clean under your bed, in closets and move furniture in order to clean all of the areas and removed all the unwanted allergens and winter. This can help tremendously if you experience allergies due to dust mites and pollen. Fall weather is normally perfect to work in and perfect to help carpets and upholstery dry quickly!
We are the best at what we do! No doubt about it, if you want the absolute best cleaning and restoration service you’ve found it! We clean, harder, smarter, better and faster and this month you can have all of this value and SAVE $25 off of any service! The only fine print is…WE HAVE A $150.00 MINIMUM ORDER! This only applies when we come to you, there is no minimum when you bring something into our shop in Colchester, CT for a cleaning! Our service area includes anywhere within a 40 – 45 minute range of Colchester, CT, if you unsure please don’t hesitate to call and ask.You may reach us at (860)537-1594

An area rug that we cleaned in Glastonbury, CT.

An area rug that we cleaned in Glastonbury, CT.

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Hartford Flood Restoration

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If you are looking for a “Hartford Flood Restoration” professional. You’ve come to the right place! Al’s Absolute Best has been servicing Hartford and surrounding areas for over 20 years. When it comes to commercial or residential Restoration or cleaning needs Al’s Absolute Best is highly recommended by people with the highest standards! We’ve worked for CEOS, CFO’s , we even have a personal video testimonial from Robert Irvine himself!
There are many reasons why you could need a Flood Restoration professional in Hartford, Hurricanes and torrential down pours have become a common occurrence. In the winter ice dams, frozen pipes and melting snow cause flooding across the state. Whether you have a toilet over flow, sewage backup, leaky roof, broken pipe, cracked foundation or water damage from sprinklers.
hurricane sandy
Al’s is available to suite your needs 24/7 , we specialize in dealing with insurance companies, so you can count on us if you are using insurance or paying out of pocket. We are a family owned and operated restoration and cleaning service. We’ve helped thousands of people with their cleaning and restoration needs. If you have any questions about flood restoration give us a call for FREE expert advise! 860 537 1594 or 800 416 2620

If you choose Al’s Absolute Best for your Hartford Flood Restoration needs, you are choosing a company that has the ability to complete your job from start to finish. We can do any necessary demo, all the drying, mold prevention, and even the re-build if necessary along with the final cleanup. There aren’t many companies out there that take the job from start to finish. When you use Al’s you also get the best value, the best customer service and the best service experience. We take pride in our work, and our A+ BBB rating!

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Flood Damage CT. Drying experts can prevent mold in your home’s future.
Al’s Absolute Best LLC, are experts that can guide you through the whole process and even asist you by working directly with your insurance company. Al’s Absolute Best LLC, are your Consumer advocate restoration professionals!

A frozen pipe caused this flood damage in a Guilford Ct. home!

Here is a letter from the same homeowner! Her Water damage job was fairly large effecting 2 floors and 5 rooms!

letter from happy client

A very happy client sent us this letter in 2014

As I type this blog post thousands of homes have flood Damage in CT, frozen pipes, Ice dams and melting ice and snow that can’t escape into the frozen earth is the cause of all these flood damage calls, that are flooding our office and the office’s of restoration professionals across the state.
It’s actually hard to find someone that is trained in water damage to come out right away in a time of crisis like this.
At Al’s Absolute Best LLC. we strive to be as quick as possible to any water damage emergency. Al’s Absolute Best LLC, can even come out and see if you have hidden flood damage in your home.
When you have a flood damage emergency you can always count on Al’s Absolute Best LLC, to make you feel that your flood damage emergency is under control asap!
Click this video link below to see Al’s Absolute Best LLC Respond to an emergency Water Damage situation!

“When seconds count call us first”

We have provided water damage remediation services to the home in the video on 2 occasions! We don’t like to see our clients suffer through additional water damages but we have many repete emergency clients and that say’s were doing something right!
Al’s Absolute Best LLC,Is a family business that has been serving the CT area for over 17 years!

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Ice dam removal in CT.

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IMG_1254 (Copy) The Ice dams are back in Connecticut again and this time it seems like it will be a much larger area of homes effected and damaged by an ice dam. If you drive down any street you will find most homes have an ice dam forming on their roof. Home owners are franticly trying to remove the ice dams from their homes in CT. Very warm tempetures are coming in the next few days accompainied with freezing temperatures at night, this will force water into many Connecticut homes. If you call Al’s Absolute Best LLC, we will remove the ice dam’s from your home, dry and repair any of your homes damage from an ice dam’s on the roof. Water will flow beneath the snow on your roof as it begins to melt, you can’t see the flowing intrusive water under the snow on your roof.We have loads of experience with ice dams in ct. We also have great referrences and an A+ BBB Rating!

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It’s been a few years since we were Flooded with calls from folks struggling with ice dams but this year 2/13/14 of February we are having our 5th big snowfall right as I type, this storm will be bigger than the rest bringing 6-16 inches of snow to Connecticut!

Snow and ice buildup on your roof is fuel for an ice dam to form add melting and freezing temperatures and you are a prime candidate for an ice dam.

ice dam removal ctOnce the actual ice dam forms the melting ice can run back up hill forcing water into your home. This is exactly what happened to thousands of Connecticut homes last time we had a run of ice dams.

At Al’s Absolute Best LLC, we have handled hundreds of ice dam situations, from removal of the ice dam to finding where the water has invaded your home! We have very sophisticated, moisture detection equipment and loads of experience!

Since the last ice dam situation in our state we have encountered many homes with mold, this is because the home owner didn’t realize the amount of damage hidden in the walls after the ice dam forced intrusive water into their home. In a few homes we abated the mold was from improper drying done by a restoration company. It is a fact that very well known franchise restoration companies are coming to homes in Connecticut cutting holes in your ceilings and walls, removing wet materials, leaving drying equipment for 3 days, then telling the customer if it starts leaking again they will return.

The source of the problem, the ice dam, is left on the roof??
I find that to be unethical! At Al’s Absolute Best LLC, we make sure the leak is fixed before we begin the drying process, be it a frozen pipe, or an ice dam, doesn’t that make the most sense?
Al’s Absolute Best LLC, is a family owned restoration company with an A+ Better Business Bureau
specializing in structural drying, smoke and fire cleanup, frozen pipe breaks,water damage of any kind, mold abatement!

So remember who to call for complete ice dam removal ct. Call the experts at Al’s Absolute Best Cleaning & Restoration Services.

Alan M. Sims – Al’s Absolute Best Cleaning & Restoration Services

Email: Phone: 860-537-1594 Fax:(860) 537-3311

WEB: m or

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Cleaning your carpets and upholstery during the Fall is a great idea. Carpet’s hold all sorts of dust, hair and grime! Your carpets actually act as a filter, removing particles from the air. Carpet cleaning can greatly improve your indoor air quality. Many people have their carpets and upholstery cleaned before the long winter months when their homes will be closed up and they will be spending most of their time indoors. People with children and / or pets should consider cleaning their carpets 2 to 3 more times as often as those without.


We at Al’s Absolute Best Restoration and Cleaning offer all types of cleaning. We clean for commercial and residential settings. We also go above and beyond to satisfy our customers, we are actually considered to be the best cleaners in the Nation! Our cleaning systems are completely safe fo0r children and pets. We are certified in many areas including pet stain and odor removal, carpet and upholstery cleaning and fire and water damage restoration.


As a family owned and operated restoration and cleaning service we take pride in all of the work we do.  We have added steps to our cleaning process’ to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We also have a 100

% satisfaction guarantee, if your aren’t completely satisfied we will come back at nor charge, if you still are unhappy with our efforts we will give you a refund.

Call us today and schedule your fall carpet and upholstery cleaning!

Mention this post and save $25.00!  wine stain before

wine stain after

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Basement Flood Colchester

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Flooded basement in Colchester? Call the pro’s at Al’s Absolute Best Restoration and Cleaning Services LLC. As a family owned and operated service business we strive to exceed your expectations and to provide the most outstanding basement flood cleanup service. If your basement has intrusive water, the best thing to do is call a professional to remove the water and dry your structure and belongings immediately before mold has a chance to grow. Mold growth can occur in as little as 24-48 hrs under the right conditions. Basement flooding can be caused by a few different occurrences; if you have a crack in your foundation your basement may flood when the water table rises even just a little bit. Also a toilet over flow, frozen / broken pipe or a  failing sump pump are all reasons why you could have a basement flood. We have been in business for over 18 years now and we have worked with many, many people performing flood restoration services to commercial and residential settings. Basement floods are definitely the most common type of flood that we run into because basements are normally below ground level. Water also seeps to the basement even when the flood may originate in the bathroom on the 2nd or 3rd floor! In the winter we get a lot of floods due to frozen pipes and ice dams. When a house freezes, they freeze from the top down, generally for every pipe break you see there are 3 or 4 more hidden breaks. Finished basement floods require more work and more evasive action. Wet carpet and and padding can be a perfect environment for mold growth to occur.

Al’s absolute best works with the insured and UN-insured. If you are an insured homeowner we will  bill your insurance company directly, but we also make sure that the job is completed correctly to ensure that there is no mold growth in the future. We act as consumer advocates, we document everything with pictures and moisture readings so we can show your insurance company the damage and what work needs to be done to bring your home back to the way it was before the intrusive water entered. If you are not insured we will devise a plan to best suite your needs while restoring and drying your home to standards.

If you are in need of a basement flood cleanup company call Al’s Absolute Best Restoration and Cleaning  today, we offer a 24 HR Emergency water and fire damage restoration service. (800)416-2620

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