Frozen Pipes and Burst Pipes all over the State of CT


The Deep Freeze is on! Sometimes it passes our state by but this year is colder than ever! Pipes are bursting in homes, schools, businesses everywhere. The worst thing about frozen pipes is most times we don’t know our pipes are frozen until warmer weather comes!


We do ice dam and frozen pipe cleanups

Ice Dams and Frozen Pipes all over the State!

That’s right thousands of people have frozen pipes in their homes right now and may not have a clue until they thaw out. If the frozen pipe is cracked  or weakened when the water flows again in could cause leaks or worse yet a flood in your home. If you suspect frozen pipes you could carefully inspect them for bulges, cracks or imperfections and slowly try to thaw the frozen pipe! You could also call a plumber who could check your system and find out if you have a frozen pipe. At Al’s Absolute best LLC many of our water cleanup jobs result from frozen and burst pipes. If you suspect any of the issues Call 860-537-1594 Al’s Absolute Best Restoration LLC.

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