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Simple steps to prevent Water Damage, Mold and Smoke Damage in your Home!  It’s Winter already! Time flies by so fast and there is always so much to do, each season transition brings on different chores for the homeowner, Winter being the craziest transition of them all, we have to get our cars ready our homes ready and it’s just so easy to forget or neglect some simple things that could save us thousands of dollars in property damage to our homes.

Did you clean or have your gutters cleaned and expected before winter? A small clog in your gutter can result in a huge water damage problem, clogged gutters cause water to find another route to go, unfortunately this could be into your home. The clog in your gutter can freeze and create an Ice dam forcing water into your home thus resulting in water damage. Some times water damage can go unnoticed to the homeowner because it lies hidden walls of your home, your attic and crawl spaces. Hidden water damage can cause secondary issues like mold that could be an even bigger and more costly issues. We have seen ice dams force water into kitchen walls causing terrible water damage but It all remains hidden behind kitchen cabinets, counters, back splashes and fixtures sometimes noticeable by a tiny drip under the kitchen window sill or not even noticeable at all. Water damage hidden in wall cavities causing soggy insulation and wood does not always show itself, look for drips under window sills, small stains on ceiling that you never noticed before, bubbles behind paint or wall paper and even nail pops are signs of possible hidden water damage.

We also have water damage from pipe bursts each winter a few dollars and 20 minutes of precaution can help keep you from a water damage emergency. First of all always keep your home heated to at least 55*, Insulate outer pipes near cold spots in your home and garage, this is easily done with pipe insulation sold at any hardware store. In bitter cold or if your leaving your home for a few days, it is a good idea to leave a sink or bathtub slightly dripping to keep the water flowing and stop it from freezing and causing a pipe burst and possible water damage.

Another thing to check or have checked is your homes furnace and chimney! This is very important because you may experience a puff back in your home. Many times puff backs go unnoticed to the home owner if they are mild happen happen when no one is present in the home. Look around where ever ceilings meet the wall and look for a darker line around the room, if you don’t smoke at home or burn candles chances are you have experienced a puff back. More severe puff backs cause thousands of dollars in damages to your home, soot is acetic and simple puff back can ruin your homes electronics like big screen TV’s , video games and computer systems all the cloths in your closets and drawers need special laundering, you wake you coughing up soot and every single item in the home and the structure itself needs special cleaning to neutralize the acid from the smoke. If you suspect any of these issues are present in your home call Al’s Absolute Best LLC for a free inspection. We have been doing Water damage, Fire /Smoke Damage and Mold Damage Clean up for 25 years.

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