Will an Ice Dam harm my roof?

Ice dam forces water into a Connecticut home

An Al’s Absolute Best LLC, technician carefully removes snow from an Uncasville Roof with an ice dam causing leaks into the home


If you live in Connecticut chances are you have been battling Ice Dams this winter! In the picture to the left shows an Al’s Absolute Best LLC, technician carefully removing the snow from the roof of this Uncasville Ct. home. The picture also  shows the calcium chloride roof pucks that were placed at intervals along the ice dam to begin the melting process! It is important to at least break the dam by creating  channels in areas to stop the water from pooling behind the ice dam and forcing its way into your home.

Many homes have leaks around windows, or dripping from ceilings and folks have placed buckets and towels around to catch the dripping water, at Al’s Absolute Best LLC, we see all kinds of creative water catchers when we go to a leaky home with an Ice dam on the roof.


If you see a area where water has forced its way into your home by the lowly Ice dam, be aware that a small spot on the visible side of your wall or ceiling, means a bigger water damaged area hidden behind that spot. If you see these tell tale signs it is time to initiate a claim with your insurance carrier and give a reputable water damage restoration company like Al’s Absolute Best LLC, a call, so the situation can be remediated before mold begins to breed in your walls.

Below is a sketch of what an ice dam can do to the roof of your Connecticut home! As the sketch shows the melting water pools right behind the ice dam on your roof, then the water looks for the easiest route of travel which unfortunately is right back under your roofs shingles, where it refreezes breaking the adhesive backing between the shingles and allowing the water to flow back into your home where it runs along beams and down walls finally showing up where gravity brings it down into your home, this is why water from an ice dam can show up in the middle of your ceiling with no visible explanation of how it got there! That’s where the technicians at Al’s Absolute LLC cleaning and restoration shine, our state of the art thermal imaging cameras and moisture reading equipment will find the hidden damage caused by an ice dam on your homes roof! The good news is when the Ice dam is gone and the hot spring sun beats down on the shingles of your roof, the shingles will re-seal them selves and your roof often is undamaged!



What is an Ice Dam

This sketch shows what an Ice dam can do to your Connecticut home

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