Huge deposits of snow can cause a flooded basement


At least seven snow storms have hit Connecticut this winter and at least 2 more are on the way! Most Connecticut homes have huge piles of snow around their foundations and soon it will begin to melt, melting snow on frozen ground leaves water with no place to go but into your homeho and cause a flooded basement.

In most cases Intrusive ground water is not covered by insurance and since many people store valuable possessions in their basement now is a good time to make sure you get them up off the floor! Large plastic containers are great for storing valuable items to protect them from a flooded basement.

A flooded basement in the spring when the ground water table is high will remain flooded until the ground water subsides even if we pump the flooded basement out, they fill right back up to the ground water level in most cases!  If you have a flooded basement, that is a finished room with drywall, carpet and furniture, you need to have a reputable restoration company like Al’s Absolute Best LLC, come to your rescue to help minimize damages caused by your flooded basement. Flooded basements happen every spring but after severe winters such as the one we are still experiencing thousands of Connecticut homes will have a flooded  basement. It is always a good idea to have a submersible water pump and 100  feet of garden hose to pump water from your flooded basement outdoors and far enough away from your home so that it cant re-enter your home!

A flooded basement

Example of a Flooded Basement










Take precautions now to help minimize damage in the event of a flooded basement!




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