Shoveling Roofs in Connecticut

roof shoveling is dangerous and excerting

Justin Tuttle a technician from Al’s Absolute Best LLC, is   shoveling roofs in Connecticut

If you live in Connecticut chances are your roof is covered in snow, you probably have ice dams and could be experiencing intrusive water in your home. Shoveling roofs is extremely dangerous and exerting work but if your home is in danger you must do your best to remove the ice and snow from your roof. At Al’s Absolute Best LLC, we often find ourselves on leaky Connecticut homes              shoveling roofs and removing ice, when our technicians are shoveling roofs they use plastic bladed shovels with no metal lip and shovel downward with the lay of the shingles, leaving an inch or so of snow on the roof but removing the bulk of the weight thus leaving your home in a much safer condition! We feel the best way is to shovel roofs is to do the entire roof not just the first few feet because in some cases a new ice dam forms at that point. When shoveling roofs keep in mind where you are dumping the snow because melting snow at the base of your house on the frozen ground forces ground water into your home which is a big problem each spring and ground water in your home is not generally covered by insurance companies. A roof rake can be a big help when shoveling roofs but they tend to break under the heavy loads of snow we have been experiencing while shoveling roofs this season.

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