Ice dams force water into Connecticut homes


It’s February 2015 Connecticut has been hit by several major snow storms and the Ice dams are back with a vengeance! If you haven’t had experience with the lowly ice dam I will briefly explain what ice dams are and what they can do to your home. Ice dams are just what they sound like a dam made of ice usually at the edge of your roof on the gutter but different circumstances can cause ice dams to form farther up on your homes roof. The snow on your roof is actually fuel for the ice dam, the snow acts as an insulator allowing escaping heat from the roof of your home to melt the bottom layer of snow creating flowing water even in bitter cold temperatures that runs down the peak of your roof and pools up behind the ice dams on your homes roof. Water having almost a mind of it’s own  finds the easiest route of travel which unfortunately can be right back into your home.

Many times water shows itself in the home and many times remains hidden in the walls of your home becoming a possible breading ground for mold. At Al’s Absolute Best LLC, the most common call from intrusive water from ice dams is “water is leaking in around my window”, just a few drips of water coming from the window could indicate more damage inside the walls.

Ice dam forces water into home

Water forced into home by an ice dam remains hidden in wall





This photo shows a wall effected by water from ice dams but there was no evidence of water in the home, the wall felt dry to the touch but ice dams forced water into the walls soaking the sheathing and insulation thanks to the expertise of Al’s Absolute Best LLC’s trained water damage technicians the hidden damage was found and addressed before mold could begin to breed inside the wall.


Sometimes water shows up on the ceiling of your home, Ice dams can actually force water into the home where it runs along rafters and beams dripping well away from the point where the ice dam exists.Ice dam water spot, showing up as spots on your ceiling, these spots can leak on and off during the frequent temperature changes of the winter season.


If you encounter any of these symptoms, have ice dams on your home and feel like there could be intrusive water forced into your home by ice dams give a reputable water damage restoration company, like Al’s Absolute Best LLC a call! Al’s Absolute best works directly with homeowners insurance companies!


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