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Shoveling Roofs in Connecticut

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roof shoveling is dangerous and excerting

Justin Tuttle a technician from Al’s Absolute Best LLC, is   shoveling roofs in Connecticut

If you live in Connecticut chances are your roof is covered in snow, you probably have ice dams and could be experiencing intrusive water in your home. Shoveling roofs is extremely dangerous and exerting work but if your home is in danger you must do your best to remove the ice and snow from your roof. At Al’s Absolute Best LLC, we often find ourselves on leaky Connecticut homes              shoveling roofs and removing ice, when our technicians are shoveling roofs they use plastic bladed shovels with no metal lip and shovel downward with the lay of the shingles, leaving an inch or so of snow on the roof but removing the bulk of the weight thus leaving your home in a much safer condition! We feel the best way is to shovel roofs is to do the entire roof not just the first few feet because in some cases a new ice dam forms at that point. When shoveling roofs keep in mind where you are dumping the snow because melting snow at the base of your house on the frozen ground forces ground water into your home which is a big problem each spring and ground water in your home is not generally covered by insurance companies. A roof rake can be a big help when shoveling roofs but they tend to break under the heavy loads of snow we have been experiencing while shoveling roofs this season.

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It’s February 2015 Connecticut has been hit by several major snow storms and the Ice dams are back with a vengeance! If you haven’t had experience with the lowly ice dam I will briefly explain what ice dams are and what they can do to your home. Ice dams are just what they sound like a dam made of ice usually at the edge of your roof on the gutter but different circumstances can cause ice dams to form farther up on your homes roof. The snow on your roof is actually fuel for the ice dam, the snow acts as an insulator allowing escaping heat from the roof of your home to melt the bottom layer of snow creating flowing water even in bitter cold temperatures that runs down the peak of your roof and pools up behind the ice dams on your homes roof. Water having almost a mind of it’s own  finds the easiest route of travel which unfortunately can be right back into your home.

Many times water shows itself in the home and many times remains hidden in the walls of your home becoming a possible breading ground for mold. At Al’s Absolute Best LLC, the most common call from intrusive water from ice dams is “water is leaking in around my window”, just a few drips of water coming from the window could indicate more damage inside the walls.

Ice dam forces water into home

Water forced into home by an ice dam remains hidden in wall





This photo shows a wall effected by water from ice dams but there was no evidence of water in the home, the wall felt dry to the touch but ice dams forced water into the walls soaking the sheathing and insulation thanks to the expertise of Al’s Absolute Best LLC’s trained water damage technicians the hidden damage was found and addressed before mold could begin to breed inside the wall.


Sometimes water shows up on the ceiling of your home, Ice dams can actually force water into the home where it runs along rafters and beams dripping well away from the point where the ice dam exists.Ice dam water spot, showing up as spots on your ceiling, these spots can leak on and off during the frequent temperature changes of the winter season.


If you encounter any of these symptoms, have ice dams on your home and feel like there could be intrusive water forced into your home by ice dams give a reputable water damage restoration company, like Al’s Absolute Best LLC a call! Al’s Absolute best works directly with homeowners insurance companies!


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Ice dam removal from CT roofs

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Remember back in 2010 when Connecticut was over run with Ice dams and  many folks had not even heard of such a thing as an Ice Dam on a house? Now many homes have a roof rake handy and are ready to battle the ice dams and snow on their roofs. Here is a brief article we posted in 2010 unfortunately the methods for fighting the dreaded Ice dam have not changed much since this article was originally posted, one exception is puck shaped Calcium Chloride cakes that you can toss up on your roof and they melt a track right through the ice dam and into the gutter.

New England is known for rapid weather changes and that presents a perfect environment for an ice dam to form on your roof top which could cause all sorts of damage to your New England home. An ice dam is formed by the snow on your rooftop melting and re-freezing, which blocks or “Dams” the path of water produced by the melting snow, water that could run down the side of your house causing ice and water damage and if it has no other place to go it will eventually intrude into your home causing both interior and exterior water damage.

Ice Dam Forming on A Ct Roof

Ice Dam Forming on A Ct Roof

. One factor contributing to the formation of an “ice dam” on your home is the heat of your attic melting the snow on your roof with the outside temperatures still below freezing level; another contributing factor would be the well known rapid temperature changes of our New England climate. Last but not least an “ice dam loves clogged gutters.” We at Al’s Absolute Best Cleaning & Restoration Services love the challenge of structural drying and completing restoration projects caused by “ole mother nature” but there are some precautions you can take to limit your chances of the dreaded “ice dam”. Adequate and properly installed insulation and ventilation systems are a must. Some things to have available would be: Ladder Shovel Roof Rake for Snow Snow melt (Calcium Chloride ONLY others may stain your roof) In the event that you have an “ice dam” form on your roof top there is an easy way to effectively break it up and save yourself from water and ice damage to your home. First you will want to take a look around the house for more ice dams. You can do this from the ground or using the ladder but only to gutter level, no need to go on to the roof in most situations. Next using the shovel or better yet the long handled “Roof Rake for snow” remove any snow that you can reach. Now use the Calcium Chloride ice melt, the best trick for applying it is by using a pair of pantyhose.Take a pair of pantyhose and pour a container of Calcium Chloride ice melt into them then separate and tie them off individually, place one filled pantyhose leg on each ice dam, making sure to go from the roof across the dam and hang over the gutter, this will usually melt the dam within 12 -24 hours. Don’t forget to take the pantyhose off your roof when it all melts, who knows what your neighbors may think! ICE DAM REMOVAL COLCHESTER CT

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