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Flood Damage CT. Drying experts can prevent mold in your home’s future.
Al’s Absolute Best LLC, are experts that can guide you through the whole process and even asist you by working directly with your insurance company. Al’s Absolute Best LLC, are your Consumer advocate restoration professionals!

A frozen pipe caused this flood damage in a Guilford Ct. home!

Here is a letter from the same homeowner! Her Water damage job was fairly large effecting 2 floors and 5 rooms!

letter from happy client

A very happy client sent us this letter in 2014

As I type this blog post thousands of homes have flood Damage in CT, frozen pipes, Ice dams and melting ice and snow that can’t escape into the frozen earth is the cause of all these flood damage calls, that are flooding our office and the office’s of restoration professionals across the state.
It’s actually hard to find someone that is trained in water damage to come out right away in a time of crisis like this.
At Al’s Absolute Best LLC. we strive to be as quick as possible to any water damage emergency. Al’s Absolute Best LLC, can even come out and see if you have hidden flood damage in your home.
When you have a flood damage emergency you can always count on Al’s Absolute Best LLC, to make you feel that your flood damage emergency is under control asap!
Click this video link below to see Al’s Absolute Best LLC Respond to an emergency Water Damage situation!

“When seconds count call us first”

We have provided water damage remediation services to the home in the video on 2 occasions! We don’t like to see our clients suffer through additional water damages but we have many repete emergency clients and that say’s were doing something right!
Al’s Absolute Best LLC,Is a family business that has been serving the CT area for over 17 years!

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Ice dam removal in CT.

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IMG_1254 (Copy) The Ice dams are back in Connecticut again and this time it seems like it will be a much larger area of homes effected and damaged by an ice dam. If you drive down any street you will find most homes have an ice dam forming on their roof. Home owners are franticly trying to remove the ice dams from their homes in CT. Very warm tempetures are coming in the next few days accompainied with freezing temperatures at night, this will force water into many Connecticut homes. If you call Al’s Absolute Best LLC, we will remove the ice dam’s from your home, dry and repair any of your homes damage from an ice dam’s on the roof. Water will flow beneath the snow on your roof as it begins to melt, you can’t see the flowing intrusive water under the snow on your roof.We have loads of experience with ice dams in ct. We also have great referrences and an A+ BBB Rating!

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It’s been a few years since we were Flooded with calls from folks struggling with ice dams but this year 2/13/14 of February we are having our 5th big snowfall right as I type, this storm will be bigger than the rest bringing 6-16 inches of snow to Connecticut!

Snow and ice buildup on your roof is fuel for an ice dam to form add melting and freezing temperatures and you are a prime candidate for an ice dam.

ice dam removal ctOnce the actual ice dam forms the melting ice can run back up hill forcing water into your home. This is exactly what happened to thousands of Connecticut homes last time we had a run of ice dams.

At Al’s Absolute Best LLC, we have handled hundreds of ice dam situations, from removal of the ice dam to finding where the water has invaded your home! We have very sophisticated, moisture detection equipment and loads of experience!

Since the last ice dam situation in our state we have encountered many homes with mold, this is because the home owner didn’t realize the amount of damage hidden in the walls after the ice dam forced intrusive water into their home. In a few homes we abated the mold was from improper drying done by a restoration company. It is a fact that very well known franchise restoration companies are coming to homes in Connecticut cutting holes in your ceilings and walls, removing wet materials, leaving drying equipment for 3 days, then telling the customer if it starts leaking again they will return.

The source of the problem, the ice dam, is left on the roof??
I find that to be unethical! At Al’s Absolute Best LLC, we make sure the leak is fixed before we begin the drying process, be it a frozen pipe, or an ice dam, doesn’t that make the most sense?
Al’s Absolute Best LLC, is a family owned restoration company with an A+ Better Business Bureau
specializing in structural drying, smoke and fire cleanup, frozen pipe breaks,water damage of any kind, mold abatement!

So remember who to call for complete ice dam removal ct. Call the experts at Al’s Absolute Best Cleaning & Restoration Services.

Alan M. Sims – Al’s Absolute Best Cleaning & Restoration Services

Email: Phone: 860-537-1594 Fax:(860) 537-3311

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